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Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life© A.J. Mahari March 2010

Change Your Life - Change Your Thoughts Ebook by A.J. Mahari

The Power of Gratitude - Healing - Recovery - Wellness and Getting Unstuck © A.J. Mahari December 2010

The Power of Gratitude Ebook by A.J. Mahari

Quest For Self - Building Conscious Self Awareness - Ebook/Coaching Guide/Workbook and Audio © A.J. Mahari January 2011

Quest For Self - Building Conscious Self Awareness Ebook and Audio by A.J. Mahari

Achieve Your Goals - Self-Coaching Program© A.J. Mahari April 2010

Change Your Life - Achieve Your Goals - Self-Coaching Program Ebook, Audio, and Workbook by A.J. Mahari

The Law of Attraction - Thoughts Determine Destiny© A.J. Mahari March 2010

Law of
Attraction - Thoughts and Destiny Ebook by A.J. Mahari

Verbal Abuse, Roots, Effects and The Danger© A.J. Mahari 2007

Verbal Abuse, Roots,
Effect and The Danger Ebook by A.J. Mahari

LONELINESS - Its Challenges, Lessons, Purpose, and Meaning© A.J. Mahari October 2006

LONELINESS - Its Challenges, Lessons, Purpose, and Meaning by A.J. Mahari

Self Help for Change - Healing and Recovery Audio Program© A.J. Mahari 2009

Self Help for Change - Healing and Recovery Audio Program by A.J. Mahari

BPD Family/Loved Ones Coach - BPD Coach A.J. Mahari - Coaching for People with a loved one with Borderline Personality Disorder

A.J. Mahari recovered from Borderline Personality Disorder in 1995 and has been online writing about that and educating people about Borderline Personality since 1995. Mahari shares her vast experience with BPD with her clients. She knows what works and what doesn't work in recovery for those with BPD. Just as she also has vast personal first-hand knowledge of and experience with being a loved one, partner (then ex-partner) and family member of a few people in her life with BPD. Both of her parents had BPD. Her father died in 1997 and her mother, still alive today, in her '80's has BPD and has not sought treatment for it. A.J., years after her own recovery also had a relationship with a partner who has BPD/NPD and is an alcoholic. A.J. Mahari's expertise when it comes to all sides of BPD and her understanding of it, are unparalled. Mahari is very skilled at educating, explaining and motivating her clients to reach for what so many feel is the unreachable - healing, recovery, wellness, and living the life worth living that each person with BPD longs for and deserves.

Author, Life and BPD Coach, A.J. Mahari, empowers loved ones of those with Borderline Personality Disorder to take care of themselves, cope more effectively with someone with BPD in their lives, and to find their own healing on the other side of BPD via her coaching services for loved ones of those with BPD.

Sometimes that healing means dealing with ruptured relationships or ending a relationship. Other times for the loved one it may mean that the person with BPD has just dismissed them outright. Whether you, as a loved one of someone with BPD, are currently still in contact with the borderline in your life or not, there is a tremendous amount of pain and suffering on the other side of BPD . Suffering and pain that, for many, means loved ones also need their own healing and recovery. This is true whether one has experienced a relationship break-up is contemplating leaving or whether one is trying to make the relationship work.

AJ's Life Coaching

Sessions With A.J.Mahari

Here’s what a few of my Non Borderline clients have said about working with me as a Life/BPD coach:

“I thought I had met the woman of my dreams – the love of my life. 9 months into our relationship I found out she had been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I didn't know what that meant at all. It turned out that within 18 months there was no doubt in my mind that this woman ended up being my worst nightmare – determined to ensure we were enemies. I've never felt so alone in my life. I had never been in so much pain in my life. I turned to the internet and started to read up on BPD. As luck, maybe providence, would have it, I found A.J.'s sites. I then purchased a few of her ebooks and audio programs. They were so helpful but I was still in so much pain. I decided to purchase some life coaching sessions with her and that was the best choice I could have ever made. A.J. really saw me through some of the worst pain of my life. She really helped me to understand what I needed to learn so that I could decide what path I needed to take. I would highly recommend that anyone who finds themselves in a relationship with someone with BPD talk to A.J. Mahari. She knows BPD inside and out. She cares. She listens and supports. She is so wise and so patient.” – Mike J. – U.S.A.

“After two years of an on-off-on-off again type of relationship with a man with BPD and the fact that no amount of reading about BPD was getting me to the kind of understanding that could help me to actually find a way out of the cycle and the pain I contacted A.J. Mahari. A.J. is an amazing life coach. She helped me to understand so much and to set goals in just 4 months of sessions that helped me to set myself free from my borderline ex – something I wasn’t able to do by myself for two years.” – Nancy G. – South Africa

Audio Programs © A.J. Mahari

AJ's Life Coaching

Sessions With A.J.Mahari

"I am the mother of a 25 year old daughter with Borderline Personality Disorder. I was at my wits end and not coping really at all. I had seen several therapists and been involved in going to some councelling with my daughter as well. She is resisiting any and all help right now. I wasn't getting any help. I didn't know what to do or what I needed. Then I found A.J.'s websites and found out she is not only a life coach but someone who has recovered from BPD. I read about her having a mother with BPD and even though I worried she might take my daughter's side and not understand me for some reason, I was pleasantly surprised to find that A.J. is both extremely knowledgeable about BPD but also that she didn’t judge me at all and was and continues to be, in fact, so supportive and compassionate. I am learning how to cope. I am getting my life back. My other kids are getting their mother back and I feel I owe so much of this to A.J. BPD Mother U.S.A.

She is such a God-send in my life and I am so glad she is out here working with people like me who might otherwise just lose their minds and continue to suffer.” Marta V. – Sydney, Australia

“I have been working with A.J. Mahari now for almost a year. I've had so much to sort out and well I also did a lot of resisting and going from periods of no contact with my borderline ex-girlfriend to getting back with her. Each time, it was the same and then when I'd have my next session with A.J. I'd feel like I was starting all over again. It was A.J. who kept reminding me that I was growing and I was learning and that it wasn't about failing. She was so patient and understanding and has not ever judged me, not once. M.J., Ohio, U.S.A.

I am making wonderful progress thanks to A.J.'s compassion, wisdom, and understanding. A.J. has been so clear about how my experience is my own process and how I get to make my own choices. I’ve learned how a lot of my old choices kept me stuck going back for more pain and punishment and how as I learned to make new choices with A.J.'s support and guidance I started to get new results. I am winning my freedom. I am making progress. I continue to work with A.J. and learn from her. She has been such an amazing support and continues to teach me so much.” – Dan Lansing, – Canada

Many who come to suspect and/or find out that a loved one has Borderline Personality Disorder start from ground zero having been thrust into a world of their own hurt and confusion with no frame of reference to understand what is manifested in relationships by those with BPD or why.

Working with me as your coach can and will help you to understand what you are going through and why. Even more importantly I empower my non borderline clients to set and achieve goals that help them to end their own confusion and suffering, whether they choose to stay in relationships or in contact with the person with BPD in their lives or not.

BPD Coaching With A.J. Mahari

If you are loved one of someone with BPD or have had someone in your life with BPD and you would like to move forward in your life and heal your pain and confusion and any remaining sense of wanting or needing closure please feel free to purchase and book a session or sessions with me. I would be happy to talk with you and to work with you.

AJ's Life Coaching

Sessions With A.J.Mahari

A.J. Mahari is a Proven Expert on BPD

A.J. Mahari recovered from Borderline Personality in 1995. Recovery is SO possible. She has been online writing articles and sharing her insight and experience about her recovery since April 1995. That's a proven track record, unlike any other person who has recovered from BPD working as a life coach.

When it comes to BPD, A.J. Mahari has the unique voice of someone who not only had BPD and recovered in 1995, but also of someone who was the adult-child of 2 borderline (and comorbid NPD) parents, and subsequent to her recovery from BPD had a relationship with someone with BPD/NPD & alcoholism. This was a painful but amazing growth experience for A.J. Mahari. It taught her how she had repeated some undesireable and unwanted patterns that went back to her "relationship" with her mentally ill parents and the Codependency and enmeshment she had learned and then would go on to heal and recover from. Since this one "repeat-the-family-of-origin pattern" relationship, A.J. has had healthy relationships only, even since.

Mahari not only knows, first hand, what it feels like and is like to have BPD, to explain that to family members and loved ones. Mahari also knows what it is like to be a family member, loved one, and relationship partner of someone with BPD. Mahari understands what that feels like too. Mahari knows what recovery, on each side of BPD means, is, looks and feels like, and requires. It is from her 360-degree unique experience with BPD on both sides, and her recovery on both sides of BPD, that Mahari's work generally, and her Life Coaching, even more specifically, that she can and does offer you a more in depth and insightful understanding and compassionate brand of practical help unlike any other life coach, coaching in this area.

Unlike other life coaches who bring experience either from coaching courses, or one side or the other of BPD, A.J. Mahari, with her rich life experience has found that the best coaching course she could have ever invested in turned out to be her own journey thus far in life.

Are you the Parent of an Adult-Child with NPD or BPD or both?

A lot of clients over the last 20 years have been sent to me by their parents - adult-chldren with NPD, BPD, or comordibly both. Many have tried numerous therapists, DBT, and very expensive in-patient programs in the United States. I'm sure all the therapists (most) did their best and/or were somewhat knowledgeable about BPD/NPD but truthfully many are not and do not want to work with this population of mental health clients. I'm sure the DBT programs/groups and in-patient treatment facilites are very helpful for lots of people with BPD or NPD or both. However, when all else has failed so many families - and young people 16-24 who find me online and book sessions on their own, and who get better, the reason is, I have walked in the shoes of those with BPD. Though I do not have, nor have I ever has NPD, I have worked with so many clients in the last 20 years with it, learned so much, along with my formal educaton and having had to BPD/NPD parents and having been abused by them until I went no contact in 1990. However, recently, I finally realized, maybe I just didn't want to know, that even though I don't 'engage with the family of origin I came from my Narcissistic Borderline mother is still doing so much of what she has done my whole life - huge difference is that I know that is her "stuff" not mine. I do not have a relationship with anyone who is manipulated to continue to scapegoat me in that family of origin. It is my personal experience, as well my professional experience, but even more so the personal journeys that I had taken in successful recovery and then successful living in my life that lead so many (but here I'm talking about so many in their mid-to-late teens years and early adulthood to want to work with me and talk to me about how they are feeling, what they are experiencing, because they know based on my sites, my videos, etc., that i do "get-it" and I do care and I will hear them.

AJ's Life Coaching

Sessions With A.J.Mahari

Whether you have BPD or you have a BPD family member or relationship partner (or ex) A.J. Mahari has walked in your shoes, walked that confusing and painful path you may well be on right now in your own life. She knows your pain. She understands how to unhook from the traps on the other side of BPD just as she knows what it takes to recover from BPD.

As A.J., herself says, "I have been described by many as an expert on Borderline Personality. What makes me an expert? Well, besides College and University degrees, more importantly real life experience. I am a person who recovered from BPD in 1995. I also had 2 parents with BPD/NPD. I was also in a relationship with someone with BPD/NPD (after I had recovered from BPD) - Both of these experiences put me squarely the shoes and experience of what it means to be the loved one of someone with BPD, before, during and after I had Borderline Personality Disorder. Despite online and/or real-world assumptions on the part of few that you can't recover and therefore A.J. Mahari has experienced the stigma of Borderline Personality, decades after she recovered.

I have been a life coach online since 1995-2016. That's a lot of experience! I also have been online writing articles, ebooks, authoring and speaking in both my audio programs and audio podcasts for years now. I am an expert on BPD, NPD, and yes, even ASPD from the inside out. I was only diagnosed with BPD, but in the family of my origin their were many relatives with BPD, BPD/NPD, NPD and Anti Social Personality Disorder (ASPD) I not only know how those with BPD feel and think from the inside out, but I also know, first hand, what it is like to be on the Loved Ones Side in the BPD or NPD or ASPD Family memeber role. I also know what it is like to be in the loved one/family member's role with BPD/NPD/ASPD who abuse substances to try to cope and as result hurt their loved ones even more. So, I also keenly understand the pain and confusion of the loved one, family member, adult-child, ex or relationship partner of someone with BPD, NPD, ASPD. I am able to explain, explore, and examine any and all aspects of any one or co-morbid cluster B (and some cluster A-C) personality disorders as each manifests generally and in relationships specifically with the clients I work with. I am an experienced strategizer. I can help you make a plan to cope more effectively than perhaps you are right now. I can help you to put the puzzle-pieces of understanding and awareness together intellectually and emotionally.

As a life coach A.J. Mahari has a dynamic, compassionate, creative, and supportive approach. Specifically in her work with those with Borderline Personality Disorder, A.J., as someone who has recovered from BPD, knows from her own first hand experience the obstacles that will present themselves as challenging growth opportunities in the process of change and recovery.

As a life coach I provide a caring, compassionate, safe, confidential, non judgemental, validating and supportive relationship within which clients can feel empowered to explore their present-day needs. I essentially act as a human mirror for my clients. I share with my clients an outside and unbiased perspective as to what I observe in listening to their feelings, experiences, and concerns.

AJ's Life Coaching

Sessions With A.J.Mahari

If you would like to get more information about my sevices please Contact A.J. via my contact form.

BPD Coach A.J. Mahari on Her Coaching

Breaking Free of The Borderline Maze - Recovery For Non Borderlines © A.J. Mahari 2008

Breaking Free of The Borderline Maze - Recovery For Non Borderlines

Punishment and Revenge in Borderline Personality Disorder © A.J. Mahari 2010

Punishment and Revenge in Borderline Personality Disorder

Dilemma On the Other Side of BPD - Overcoming Denial About BPD and Love Audio Program © A.J. Mahari 2008

Dilemma On the Other Side of BPD - Overcoming Denial About BPD and Love Audio Program

Understanding Splitting in Borderline Personality for Loved Ones© A.J. Mahari 2006-2010

Understanding Splitting in Borderline Personality for Loved Ones

Full Circle - Lessons For Non Borderlines © A.J. Mahari 2007

Full Circle - Lessons For Non Borderlines

The Dilemma on The Other Side of BPD - Do Borderlines Feel Love? Do they love? © A.J. Mahari 2007

The Dilemma on The Other Side of BPD

Mindfulness and Radical Acceptance for Loved Ones of BPD © A.J. Mahari 2006

Mindfulness and Radical Acceptance for Loved Ones of BPD

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