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Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life © A.J. Mahari March 2010

Change Your Life - Change Your Thoughts Ebook by A.J. Mahari

The Power of Gratitude - Healing - Recovery - Wellness and Getting Unstuck A.J. Mahari December 2010

The Power of Gratitude Ebook by A.J. Mahari

Quest For Self - Building Conscious Self Awareness - Ebook/Coaching Guide/Workbook and Audio A.J. Mahari January 2011

Quest For Self - Building Conscious Self Awareness Ebook and Audio by A.J. Mahari

Achieve Your Goals - Self-Coaching Program © A.J. Mahari April 2010

Change Your Life - Achieve Your Goals - Self-Coaching Program Ebook, Audio, and Workbook by A.J. Mahari

The Law of Attraction - Thoughts Determine Destiny © A.J. Mahari March 2010

Law of
Attraction - Thoughts and Destiny Ebook by A.J. Mahari

Verbal Abuse, Roots, Effects and The Danger © A.J. Mahari 2007

Verbal Abuse, Roots,
Effect and The Danger Ebook by A.J. Mahari

LONELINESS - Its Challenges, Lessons, Purpose, and Meaning © A.J. Mahari October 2006

LONELINESS - Its Challenges, Lessons, Purpose, and Meaning by A.J. Mahari

Self Help for Change - Healing and Recovery Audio Program © A.J. Mahari 2009

Self Help for Change - Healing and Recovery Audio Program by A.J. Mahari

How I Work

Phoenix Rising Life Coaching, with myself, A.J. Mahari, brings focus, structure, and the assurance of consistent growing understanding and moving forward progress for your personal growth, development, and over-all emotional well-being. I work as a Life Coach with many clients who do not have any mental illness and are not involved with anyone who does but that feel blocked or stuck in their own lives for other general reasons.

Phoenix Rising Life Coaching, along with general Life Coaching, also includes specifically also my niche areas of coaching, BPD Coahing with those diagnosed with BPD, BPD Coahing for Loved Ones of BPD, and Mental Health Coaching (along with codependence and toxic relationship recovery) is focused on your emotional education, increasing your emotional quotient (EQ) and increasing your awareness, teaching you effective coping skills, helping you to identify what is blocking you or what is keeping you stuck.

I work with clients from a positive-psychology approach and philosophy that is eclectic and somewhat tailored indivdually to each client. My coaching process will support your awareness into negative patterns of thinking that cause negative feelings and perceptions is also a large part of how I work with clients. At the heart of how I work is also validating where you are at right now, establishing what's keeping you stuck there, coming to an understanding of where you want to be in your life (with a focus on emotionally, relationally) and helping you to identify what your goals are, and helping you to developing strategy that will make it possible for you to get into action - the action of unblocking yourself, finding out more about who you really are and what that means and helping you move toward accomplishing your goals - coping more effectively, getting on and staying on the road to recovery.

Sessions With A.J.Mahari


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Support is at the heart of all of my coaching. Supporting you, listening to you, really hearing what you are saying, and often hearing what you aren't saying, validating how you feel and what your life experience has been and currently consists of. Many people underestimate the value and benefits of being supported, being heard, and being validated. Supporting you, respecting you, and also mirroring back to you what I am hearing, may sound simplistic but it is the connection we build that makes possible the actual coaching process.


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Expression, validation, educational questions that we examine. I teach you how to live your questions. We will foster and nurture your increased understanding. the more you understand, the more you will empower yourself. The process includes educational materials, homework assignments designed to faciliate not only your increased understanding and awareness but in addition to that to also be the foundation of teaching you to live your way to the answers to your questions by first identifying what the questions that the challenges in your life are posing and what they seek to teach you. The process of also involves being consciously aware of your actions and reactions. Learn to move beyond reactions.


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  • Clarity
  • Getting Unblocked
  • Getting Unstuck
  • Toxic Relationship Recovery
  • Personality Disorders
  • Improving Relationship Communication
  • Inceasing Personal Pattern Awareness
  • Known Goals
  • Direction
  • Realistic Expectations
  • Connection to Self
  • Commitment to Goals
  • Action Steps
  • Effective Coping
  • Resolving Abandonment
  • Self Respect
  • Self Love
  • Self Worth
  • Self Esteem
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Shifting focus
  • Positive Outlook
  • Opening Up
  • Coping not Protecting
  • Road to Recovery
  • Emotional Peace
  • Healing
  • Recovery

Your Roadmap to Being Successfully Coached

I have the greatest success with clients who:

  • Are open and work to not defend against the process?
  • Are willing to confront fear of change to get unstuck so you can create healthy change?
  • Willing to work hard?
  • Are committed to the work?
  • Open to wherever the work takes you? Sometimes you don't always end up going where you thought you needed to go
  • Believe, even a little bit, in your ability to learn, grow, change, create wellness?
  • Know you need support in creating the roadmap to wellness, more effective coping and/or healing and recovery you want and deserve?
  • Willing to try new things?
  • Willing to learn new skills and apply them?
  • Willing to open to new thoughts and feelings?
  • Willing to step out of your comfort zone? - often your adherence to your comfort zone is what will keep you blocked
  • Radically accept that what you've tried so far, isn't getting you where you want to be or go.
  • Willing to lay down the defenses and patterned ways of thinking that are blocks to your personal growth and wellness?
  • Be mindful that you can find your way to living in, through, and from your authentic self?
  • Discover and un-fold your authentic self?

Sessions With A.J.Mahari

The Legacy of Abandonment in Borderline Personality Disorder © A.J. Mahari 1995-2016

The Legacy of Abandonment in Borderline Personality Disorder

The Abandoned Pain of Borderline Personality Disorder © A.J. Mahari 2006-2010

The Abandoned Pain of Borderline Personality Disorder

The Lost Self in BPD © A.J. Mahari 2006

The Lost Self in BPD

BPD and Rage © A.J. Mahari 2006

BPD and Rage

The Shadows and Echoes Of Self - The False Self in BPD © A.J. Mahari 2007

The Shadows and Echoes Of Self - The False Self in BPD